Taipei(Mogadishu24)-Somaliland’s representative office in Taiwan is facing accusations of labour abuses and sexual harassment, as a former employee, referred to as Mrs. P to maintain her anonymity, made serious allegations Somaliland’s Representative Mr. Mohamed Hagi, and another diplomat attached to the office.

“I kept refusing him, but he grabbed me with both arms, hugged me, and whispered in my ear; I will really miss you. When you are gone, I will miss you. I felt really disgusted,” Mrs. P said.

Mrs. P stated that this incident occurred after she was wrongfully fired from the office in August last year. She reported the matter to Somaliland’s Representative Dr. Mohamed Hagi, but he dismissed it.

She also revealed that this was just one of many incidents where her rights were abused in the office. Dr. Hagi allegedly forced her to pay for his personal expenses and violated her privacy by frequently checking her personal phone.

Mrs. P claimed that she was fired from her position after being accused of helping Mr. Hagi’s mistreated Philippine household.

These allegations have caused a diplomatic uproar in Taiwan, with local leaders expressing their disappointment with the actions of the representatives.

“Diplomatic immunity should not be a get-out-of-jail-free card for those who abuse the labour rights and interests of Taiwan’s people,” said Mr. Chang Ssu Khang, Taipei city Councillor.

However, Somaliland’s Representative Office in Taiwan has strongly denied these allegations against its staff and said that the office strictly adheres to its regulations and policies, including the labour regulations.

The allegations have surfaced just days after Taiwan’s Ambassador to Somaliland, Allen C. Lou, handed over humanitarian materials, including sportswear donated by Taiwan NGO Step 30, to the Somaliland’s Minister of Labour Eng. Ali Omar Mohamed Hoorhoor.

During the handover ceremony, the Taiwan ambassador reaffirmed the government’s commitment to continue providing humanitarian assistance to Somaliland and implementing the multi-dimensional “Taiwan Model” of cooperation.

Taiwan, an island separated from China, has had political independence from the Republic of China since 1949 and has been governed independently.

Similarly, the Breakaway Republic of Somaliland has been separate from the Federal Government of Somalia since 1991, during the Civil War.

Despite their similarities, both Breakaway Republics have been striving for international recognition as independent states but are yet to achieve any positive impact.

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