Hargeysa(Mogadishu24)-The Somaliland’s ruling party, Kulmiye, has on Thursday accepted the decision of the National Election Commission regarding the upcoming presidential and political parties elections.

Mohamed Kahin Ahmed, the Vice-Chairman of Kulmiye and Minister of Internal Affairs, addressed the media at the party’s headquarters, expressing support for the election schedule.

“We are aware that the national elections commission, the sole decision-making agency in elections, announced the schedule for the Parties and Presidential elections on 17th July. Kulmiye Party has long been ready for elections and now strongly accepts and supports the decision made by the Election Commission, from the Elections of the Political Parties to the elections of the President and Vice President,” said Mohamed Kahin Ahmed.

The minister urged the people of Somaliland to prepare for the elections, respect the constitution, and protect the unity and sovereignty of the country.

This announcement follows the opposition parties’ rejection of the National Elections Council’s decisions, claiming to be illegal and unconstitutional.

“The executive committee of UCID party has unanimously decided that the decision by the National Election Commission on 17/7/2023, which favors Musa Bihi, is unlawful and invalid,” stated the UCID party’s statement.

The party also criticized the committee for disregarding the legal procedures for electing a president and announcing the election schedule without adhering to the required regulations stipulated in the constitution.

The Commission’s decision automatically extends President Bihi’s term for another year, as previously passed by the Senate.

The delay in Somaliland Elections has led to political tensions between parties and their supporters, escalating into unrest and armed conflicts in regions like Sool, participated in Las Anod district.

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