Wanlaweyn(Mogadishu24)-Southwest State Minister of Internal Security, alongside the Governor of Lower Shabelle Region and the commander of the General Division of the South West Police, addressed the troops recently trained to join the South West Special Police.

These troops will be deployed to ensure the security of the Wanlaweyn district and its surrounding areas.

The Governor of Wanlaweyn, Abdisalaan Ali Hassan reiterated the administration’s full support for the soldiers in their operations against Al-Shabaab militants.

“As the Governor, I expect these soldiers to be the trusted protectors of our people’s lives. I will fulfil my responsibilities, and ensure your rights, salaries, and manage any funds directed to you through a dedicated account. You are the ones to protect these finances,” Governor Hassan said.

Abdi Ibrahim Shaamo (Abdi Dheere), the commander of the General Division of Police, cautioned the soldiers against affiliations that could damage their dignity, including tribal considerations.

“Tribal conflicts have led to casualties, but you are required to distance yourself from any tribal issues. As government officers, your loyalty should lie with the government, not your tribe. We are confident in your abilities and how you’ve restrained Al-Shabaab militants from harming the people,” said General Dheere.

Mohamed Ibrahim Barre, the Governor of Lower Shabelle, pledged to advocate for the soldiers’ rights, including the timely provision of their salaries.

“As the regional administration or the state government, we are ready to advocate for your rights, including your salaries. The Minister of Internal Security has also assured that you will be officially registered as officers and will take oaths again to serve the people,” Governor Barre stated.

Hassan Abdulkadir Mohamed, the Southwest State Minister of Internal Security, stated strongly that any officer causing harm to civilians with the government’s arm will face punishment.

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