Baidoa(Mogadishu24)-Southwest State President Abdiaziz Hassan Mohamed (Laftagareen) affirmed his government’s support for the completion of the Somali Constitution and the implementation of the Baidoa agreement reached by the National Consultative Council on May 27, 2023, during an inter-parliamentary conference on Tuesday.

In his opening remarks at the conference between the federal Parliament from Southwest State and the State’s members of Parliament, the president reiterated his government’s strong support for the changes in the country’s election system.

“We are here to discuss Somalia’s state-building mission and the political situations in the country, particularly the completion of our constitution and the proposed changes in the electoral system,” President Laftagareen said.

He added, “It is our collective responsibility and national duty to work on the completion of the constitution. It is the duty of the Somali people, government, and Parliament. So, we are discussing this as leaders of this region to jointly take a stand on the political changes, including the election systems, and reach united decisions for the interest of our people and nation.”

President Laftagareen also discussed the second phase of the total war against Al-Shabaab terrorists organisation, which was halted by the floods.

He emphasized the urgent need for humanitarian aid to the people of the region severely affected by the floods.

The federal government, led by President Hassan Sheikh, is actively advocating for the implementation of the NCC agreement, which replace the Prime Minister’s office with a Deputy President.

However, the agreement faces strong opposition from Puntland State’s leaders, who refused to participate in several meetings between the federal government and its member states aimed at promoting peace and stability in the country.

Puntland State President Said Abdullahi Deni stated that the National Consultative Council is not a constitutionally established body mandated to make decisions on emerging issues within the country.

Last week, Deni announced that he is ready to meet President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud to discuss and resolve the disputed issues between the federal government and the state government.

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