Baidoa(Mogadishu24)-President Abdiaziz Hassan Laftangareen, declared an all-out war against the  Al-Shabaab on Saturday in Baidoa, the administrative capital of Southwest State in Somalia

Speaking at the event, the president highlighted the huge threats posed by Al-Shabaab militants to the country’s peace and stability. 

“Al-Shabaab militants are enemies of progress; they have been responsible for killing our people and committing uncountable inhumane acts. They hide behind religion, but their actions are contrary to Islam. They have even attacked innocent worshipers outside mosques,” President Laftangareen stated.

He declared the second phase of the offensive war against Al-Shabaab and acknowledged the efforts made by the Federal Government and President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud in the fight against Al-Shabaab.

“The President and the Federal government have made significant achievements against Al-Shabaab, starting the fight in Hiiraan and extending it to all regions. We are also obligated to combat these individuals who are the Somali people’s foremost enemy,” he stated.

“Together with the federal leaders, the President has led the battle against these militants, mobilizing the Somali National Army and the local community. The people of Southwest State are requested to support and stand with the forces, whether physically, financially, or emotionally,” he added.

President Laftangareen cautioned against possible tactics employed by Al-Shabaab militants to manipulate Somali tribes and discourage them from joining the fight.

“Al-Shabaab is using tactics with our local communities. They are spreading a narrative that they are not fighting against the tribes, but this should not be the case. We must not be blackmailed based on tribal lines. We need to unite in the fight against them,” he added.

The president of the federal government of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has been stationed in Dhusamareb for two months to intensify operations against Al-Shabaab and motivate the local community to join the fight.

Security experts have claimed that the lack of coordination between the armed forces involved in the fight against Al-Shabaab has contributed to misunderstandings and the resurgence of Al-Shabaab attacks on military bases.

President Abdiaziz’s comment came days after he held meeting with President Hassan Sh. Mohamud in Dhusamareb town in Galmudug State and mounting pressure he faces from his opposition to hold the election on time.

Al-Shabaab controls major parts of the Southwest State and surrounds Baidoa town itself.

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