Lascanod(Mogadishu24)-SSC-Khatumo State leaders on Saturday issued a tough decision that they will not take part incoming Puntland State Parliament and Presidential election on January 8, 2024 after holding a consultative meeting in Lascanod town in Sool region.

“We decided not to register the 17 parliament members and take part Puntland State election, we also decided not to renew present representatives meaning SCC-Khatumo State should never participate Puntland State election ahead”, they said in a statement.

The statement said that no one from that region could be a candidate for the post of Vice President in Puntland State, adding that the two members in dispute resolution committee in Puntland don’t represent Khatumo all.

The Statement from the Khatumo leaders will sprinkle fuel into the escalating situation in the region.

There is no immediate comment from Puntland State President or candidates in the tough campaign for the Presidency so far, but many say the decision from Khatumo will only worsens the crisis.

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