Lamu, Kenya(Mogadishu24)-Two people were killed on Tuesday morning when suspected Al-Shabaab terrorists ambushed a lorry they were traveling in Nyangoro area along the Lamu-Witu road in Garsen Highway, Lamu County.

The victims of the attack were the driver of the lorry and his conductor, who had transported goods from Mombasa and were heading to Lamu town.

Before this attack, the terrorists had raided the villages of Juhudi and Withu, located in the Mkunubi ward. They later attacked Salama village, where they set fire to 10 houses and a church, and stole properties.

Police have reported that the militants also attacked a police camp, but they encountered fierce resistance from General Service Unit soldiers stationed at the camp.

As a result of these attacks, many families have been displaced from their homes, seeking refuge in neighboring areas for safety.

Residents of the affected villages have appealed to the government to enhance security measures.

“This is not the first attack; we have been targeted several times and our people have been killed. We are appealing to the government to provide us with assistance and protection against these terrorists,” said Beatrice Nyambura, a resident of Salama village.

The Kenya Red Cross Services have taken crucial steps to provide medical assistance to those who sustained injuries during the attack.

“The situation is critical now as many people have been displaced from these villages. They have lost their belongings; the terrorists have stolen at least 40 chickens, 22 goats, and other properties,” stated Abdulhakim Abdul, the Lamu County representative of Kenya Red Cross Services.

Salama and Juhudi villages have repeatedly become targets of Al-Shabaab attacks, facing multiple attacks.

A similar attack occurred in these villages on June 25th this year, during which the militants beheaded five people and set several houses on fire.

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