Garowe(Mogadishu24)-Thirty Community Leaders from Puntland State gathered in Garowe to discuss the decision of SSC-Khatumo, which they rejected in relation to the upcoming Puntland elections ahead, Mogadishu24 reported Saturday.

Led by Sultan Burhan Sultan Musa, the community leaders released a statement supporting the decision made by the SSC-Khatumo interim administration that SSC would not take part in Puntland elections. This decision will exclude 17 members of parliament from the region in the elections.

In the statement, the community leaders affirmed that Puntland State would proceed with elections for 49 members of parliament, and discussions on the seats left vacant by SSC-Khatumo would be addressed separately. They also called for the resignation of members from SSC-Khatumo in the committee for resolving disputes and approving members of parliament, stating that SSC-Khatumo decided not to be part of the election.

On the other hand, Vice President of Puntland State, Ahmed Elmi Osman Karaash, welcomed SSC-Khatumo’s decision not to select the 17 representatives for the Puntland parliament. He emphasized his full support for holding elections with 49 members, respecting the decision of community living in that region.

“I welcome the decision to conduct the election with 49 members, with due respect to the decision of the community in those regions. We reject the inclusion of 17 members who lack community representation in any capacity within those areas,” stated Vice President Ahmed Karaash. He warned against any actions that could lead to political and security instability.

This came after President Deni announced that the election would be held with 66 MPs, prompting accusations from opposition candidates that the president has hand-picked the 17 positions from SSC-Khatumo region.

The committee for the resolution of disputes and the approval of parliament members is expected to announce the list of Puntland parliament members tomorrow, with reports suggesting a disagreement within the committee on whether to include or exclude members of SSC-Khatumo from the list.

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