Jigjiga(Mogadishu24)-Thousands have graduated from a rigorous police training program at the Police Training College in Jigjiga, the capital of Ethiopia’s Somali region.

These highly trained graduates include members of the Federal Police, Somali Regional Police, and Hererida region who have undergone months of intensive training.

They are now prepared to join the security services and contribute to the peace and security of the region.

The Somali regional government has made huge efforts to elevate the status of Jigjiga Police College, transforming it into a central training center for different security forces throughout the region.

The graduation event was attended by leaders including the acting president of the Somali State, Mr. Dayib Ahmed Noor, Commissioner General of the Federal Police Commission Dambalash Gabra Mikael, General Abdi Ali Siad of the regional Police Commission, and other officials.

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