Mogadishu(Mogaishu24)-A fierce fight erupted overnight on Friday between Somali Paramilitary Forces and an armed group under the command of Gen. Shegow Ahmed Ali, a former officer in the Somali National Army, killing a police officer and two armed militias in Dharkenley district, Mogadishu.

Police Spokesperson Gen. Sadiq Dodishe stated that the former military official was leading an armed group involved in a violent robbery within the city, saying seven of his bodyguards were injured and captives at moment and two policemen sustained injuries, making the total of wounded 9.

“On the 18th, our Paramilitary Forces on Patrol were attacked by an armed militant group led by former captain of the Somali National Army, Shegow Ahmed Ali. Responding to the attack, the Paramilitary forces engaged in a fierce battle with the militants,” said Dudishe.

He added that that one soldier from the Paramilitary police department was killed during the clash, while two were killed from the armed group.

“Tragically, we lost a soldier, and of our forces were injured in the fight. Our forces have killed two militants while seven others sustained injuries,” he added.

The Spokesperson emphasized that no civilians were harmed during the fierce battle. He added that the police managed to apprehend 18 militia members, including their leader, Captain Sheegow.

“Our police force was dedicated to safeguarding civilian lives throughout the conflict, which partly contributed to the prolonged battle. Consequently, we have successfully arrested Sheegow Ahmed Ali, the leader of the armed group, along with 17 of his armed militias,” Dudishe affirmed.

This fierce battle led to the displacement of local residents, marking one of the most biggest clashes in Mogadishu in recent years.

“We were unable to sleep in our homes due to the heavy fighting. It brought back memories of the 2010 situation when Al-Shabaab and government forces engaged in combat within Mogadishu,” said a resident who chose to remain confidential.

In another news, Al-Shabaab militants have launched mortar attacks on Aden Adde International Airport, taking advantage of the conflict in Dharkenley where security forces were involved.

The attack by Al-Shabaab has left two employees of the civil aviation department injured, as well as destruction on the airport facilities.

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