Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-Three senior Somali security officials have been arrested in connection with Monday’s deadly attack on the Jaalle Siyad College army camp in Mogadishu, where a suicide-bomber blew himself, claiming the lives of many soldiers.

At least 30 soldiers were killed, and over 70 others were injured in the tragic incident. The death toll is feared to rise as some of the wounded soldiers are in critical condition. But Al-Shabaab militants claimed to have killed 73 soldiers and injured 124 others in the suicide attack.

The three officers, including a lieutenant colonel, have been detained as suspects believed to have played a role in the explosion. Further arrests may follow as the government seeks answers to this devastating attack. The investigation focuses on identifying those who facilitated the suicide bomber’s entry into the army camp with explosives.

The members of the Federal Parliament, particularly the Lower House, have condemned the heinous act and raised suspicions about the entry of the suicide-bomber in the highly-protected military camp.

The speaker of the Lower House, Adan Mohamed Noor (Madobe), expressed grave concerns regarding the security lapses that led to the infiltration of a heavily guarded military base by a suicide-bomber.

He stated that the location where the officers tragically lost their lives yesterday was supposed to be inaccessible and far from ordinary reach. The fact that the assailant was able to breach the base highlights a clear case of mismanagement. Despite the presence of dedicated security officers, it is evident that some individuals within have facilitated the attacker’s entry, which is utterly unacceptable.

Over the past few months, alarms have been raised about the escalating attacks by Al-Shabaab on government military bases and African Transition Mission (ATMIS) forces. The effectiveness of the NISA intelligence agency, responsible for receiving and preventing information on attacks, has been questioned, as it appears that they haven’t successfully thwarted Al-Shabaab’s assaults on army bases in recent months.

Security experts and top government officials have expressed disappointment in the lack of visible assistance from the intelligence agency and emphasized their reliance on the agency to share critical information about potential attacks.

In response to the frequent Al-Shabaab attacks, the members of the National Assembly have called upon the officials from the National Intelligence Agency to appear before the parliament to answer inquiries about the intelligence failures that have resulted in the loss of hundreds of soldiers’ lives

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