Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-Benadir University Innovation Hub in Mogadishu recently organized an event under its “Dialogue with the CEO” Program, featuring Somali-Norwegian entrepreneur Mohamed Abdulkadir, CEO and co-founder of DIGNA Digital.

The event focused on sharing experiences and insights about developing business ideas, establishing systems, and managing small businesses.

The program included a mix of business professionals and students, facilitating an exchange of ideas and experiences. This interaction aimed to assist students in developing their entrepreneurial concepts into practical, market-ready business plans.

Ms. Asma Abdirahman, a former student at Benadir University, participated in the program and shared her experiences. She noted how the program aided in refining her business ideas into actionable plans, emphasizing its accessibility to both alumni and current students.

“I graduated from the university before this program was established and was among the first to take the course immediately when it started. I learned how to turn an idea into a business,” Asma said.

The Innovation Centre’s program is aimed at providing skills in entrepreneurship, technology, and other areas related to today’s business landscape. The initiative is available to university graduates and current students to enhance their practical business skills.

Mohamed Ali Diriye, another participant, commented on the program’s role in helping him develop his business ideas into practical solutions.

“Today, I learned how to turn the innovative ideas buzzing inside me into something real and tangible,” said Mohamed Ali Diriye.

A key component of the event was the contribution of Mohamed Abdulkadir, CEO of DIGNA Digital, as a guest speaker in the “Dialogue With the CEO” program. Abdulkadir shared his professional insights, focusing on the importance of systematic support for aspiring entrepreneurs.

“Students need encouragement and a systematic approach. I believe that the programs offered by this new centre are very useful and will contribute to the country’s improvement,” Abdulkadir said.

During his talk, Abdulkadir discussed the importance of a process-oriented approach in modern business practices and the potential competitiveness of Somali youth in the global market, highlighting the skills developed through the program.

“When undertaking or contributing something to the world, there’s a process involved, and it’s modern. Students benefiting from these programs will be able to compete with the international community in terms of productivity and innovative thinking,” he added.

This program is part of Benadir University’s efforts to provide educational opportunities that bridge the gap between academic learning and practical business application, aiming to prepare students for the global business environment.

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