Mogadishu(Mogadishu)-Several people have been killed, and others have been injured after unidentified drones conducted bombardments in districts located in Middle Juba and Gedo regions on Tuesday morning.

The drone attacks targeted Jilib, Bu’alle, and Sakow districts in southern Somalia.

Local witnesses who spoke to Mogadishu24 have stated that the drones indiscriminately targeted residential homes, resulting in casualties and huge destruction.

The bombs have also destroyed institutions such as the Electricity Supply Company in Jilib district.

“Mumin family members were all either killed or injured after a missile hit to their house while sleeping, I cannot give more about the such tragedy and attacks in our city”, Jilib resident who requested not to be named, told Mogadishu24 by phone. ‘We were neighbors, we are sad, we also learned that a watchman of City Electric Company was also killed”, said the resident.

Somalia’s State Media said that the Somali Army with the support of International Partners conducted planned operations against Al-Shabaab militants’ bases in the districts of Bu’ale, Sakow, and Jilib.

The targets were weapon depots for the terrorist group and claimed to have inflicted huge casualties on Al-Shabaab according to Government.

However, Al-Shabaab militants have not commented on the attacks, but its affiliated media were also covering the attacks.

Mogadishu24 is closely monitoring this story, providing you with the latest updates on the attacks.

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