Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-The United Nations Security Council is on Monday expected to hold an emergency meeting aimed at discussing the negative developments in the Horn of Africa that undermining international peace and security in the region.

“The UNSC is set to hold an emergency meeting today to address concerning events in the Horn of Africa. This follows Ethiopia’s illegal MoU with the Somaliland region, which violates #Somalia‘s sovereignty & territorial integrity, posing a threat to regional peace and security”, Minister of Information of Somalia, Daud Aweis Jama said.

Somalia Government request letter addressed to the UNSC’s President, Nicolas de Riviere said that the signing of the MoU between the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and a region in northern Somalia(Somaliland) gave rise to a dispute which is likely to endanger the maintenance of international peace and security and required the urgent attention of the Security Council.

“The MoU indeed constitutes an unlawful transgreation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Somalia, of which ‘Somaliland’ is constituent part of, and have raised serious concerns as expressed in the press statements from the African Union Peace and Security Council Communique, held in January 17,2024, the Communique of IGAD Heads of States and Governments held on January 18, 2024 in Kampala, Uganda, and Resolution 8988 by the extraordinary session of the league of Arab States at the Ministerial level video conference on January 17, 2024”, said the letter.

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