Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-The Director of Villa Somalia, Hussein Sheikh Mohamud clarified that President Hassan Sheikh’s intention was not to seek an extended term but rather to establish a framework that addresses the country’s current affairs.

The Director disclosed that the President called for a gathering, individually inviting politicians to engage in discussions regarding the future direction of Somalia’s politics. The President’s objective was to foster dialogue and not to extend his own term.

He further highlighted proposals related to potential extensions of state government terms, modifications of constitutional bodies’ terms, and amendments to specific provisions of the country’s constitution.

Collaborating with heads of state governments, President Hassan Sheikh has proposed an electoral system aimed at transforming Somalia into a presidential system by replacing the position of the Prime Minister with a Vice President. However, many of the invited politicians expressed strong opposition to this proposition.

Additionally, the Director revealed that President Hassan Sheikh intends to hold elections after completing a four-year term in office. This aligns with the agreement reached by the National Consultative Council in May, which aims to transform Somalia’s political system into a one-person, one-vote system, to be implemented in the upcoming elections.

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