Bosaso(Mogadishu24)-One person was killed and six others injured when a vehicle experienced brake failure while attempting to extinguish a massive fire that had engulfed Fadhi-same elctronic industry in Bossaso’s on Wednesday morning.

Local sources stated that the fire originated from an explosion within the commercial centre.

Despite the loss of life caused by the accident, no casualties were reported directly from the fire itself.The blaze was eventually brought under control after several hours, but unfortunately, the market suffered complete destruction.

The Mayor of Bossaso, Hassan Abdalla Hassan, has confirmed the incident as he addressed the local media.

“On July 12, 2023, at 3:30 AM, a massive fire broke out at Fadhi-same’s electronic industry. This fire has resulted in significant property damage and loss of life,” stated the mayor.

The mayor also appealed to businesspeople to exercise vigilance during this period of fire outbreaks.

“I strongly urge businesspeople to exercise caution regarding fire outbreaks during this summer season, particularly due to the presence of strong winds. These powerful winds can exacerbate fires, so I implore all businesspeople to have fire extinguishing equipment as a precautionary measure,” he emphasized.

Such acts of violence are often attributed to terrorist organizations, with Al-Shabaab being a prominent group known for extorting money from local businessmen in Bosaso, the bustling economic hub of Puntland The militants are known for resorting to explosive attacks on commercial establishments, carries out these acts as a means of intimidation, forcing business owners to comply with their demands.

Nighttime fires have become increasingly prevalent, with more than four markets being completely ravaged by fire in the past six months alone. Just four days ago, Taiwan, the largest market in Jijiga, met the same fate, reduced to ashes under the cover of darkness.

It was only a few months ago when a similar fire broke out in a commercial center in Bosaso, resulting in the complete devastation of the facility.

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