Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-The consultative meeting between former and current leaders of Somalia commenced on Wednesday at the Decale Hotel in Mogadishu. The two-day conference is part of the government’s commitment to seeking advice and consensus in making critical decisions for the country.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud chaired the gathering, which included the presence of former President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, former Prime Ministers, and various opposition politicians.

The primary objective of the meeting is to facilitate discussions and exchange insights regarding the achievements, challenges, and future plans of the Somali government. It also provides President Hassan with an opportunity to leverage the knowledge and expertise of former leaders, particularly in the areas of security, counter-terrorism, and the finalization of the constitution.

A statement from Villa Somalia explained that President Hassan would outline his administration’s accomplishments, address current challenges, and share his vision for the future.

The Federal Minister of Information, Daud Aweis Jama said that the meeting represents an important milestone for Somalia. He acknowledged the presence of most former leaders and the unavoidable absence of a few due to personal circumstances.

“This is the first conference of its kind in Somalia, driven by the government’s commitment to seek consultations with the community and utilize their insights for vital decisions concerning the construction of a stable government, combating Al-Shabaab, managing Somalia’s finances, and ensuring political stability. We believe this meeting will contribute to Somalia’s progress,” stated Awes, the Federal Minister of Information.

Aweis further noted that invitations were extended to all former leaders, and while a few expressed regrets for their inability to attend, no rejections were received. He added that the discussions during the meeting would encompass a wide range of political issues, including those related to elections and security.

“The government of Somalia has extended invitations to all former leaders, and the majority of them have attended the meeting. However, a few have expressed apologies for their inability to attend due to personal circumstances they are aware of. That being said, there have been no rejections of the invitations,” the Minister added.

The consultative meeting seeks to establish a politically stable government and provide Somalia with the means to overcome its challenges and continue on a path of progress.

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