Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-A 12-year-old girl is currently in hospital, nursing serious injuries sustained after she jumped from the fifth floor of a building in Mogadishu’s Waberi district.

Fardowsa Mohamed Ade went to the rooftop of her family’s residence on Thursday morning and threw herself to the ground.

The family members said that Fardowsa had been dealing with a mental disorder for the past few months and was undergoing treatment at home.

“The girl has been suffering from a mental illness for three months. Before that, she was okay. At 8:00 AM today, she was at home with the kids when our mother went to the market. That is when she got the opportunity to go up and throw herself,” explained the victim’s brother.

Fardowsa’s family has been unable to afford treatment at a more established hospital.

The family stated that the medical attention to their daughter has faced delays due to their humble background. They have appealed to the government and well-wishers for support.

“We have taken her to several hospitals, but we couldn’t afford the charges they told us. We urge the government, especially the president, prime minister, and the regional governor, to assist us. We also request the Somali people to support us with the hospital expenses,” added the brother.

Despite efforts by neighbours to prevent her from jumping, witnesses said that their attempts were futile.

In Waberi district, incidents related to social issues are common, a week earlier, six women were arrested after beating a young man who was intending to have a date to one of the women, but instead put him in trap according to Police Force.

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