Baidoa(Mogadishu24)-Southwest State Minister for Security, Hassan Abdukadir Mohamed, along with officials from the security department, conducted a comprehensive inspection of control points on the outskirts of Baidoa city, to assess and enhance the security measures in the administrative capital of the Bay region.

During the inspection, discussions took place between the officials and soldiers manning the checkpoints aimed to strategize and reinforce security measures to safeguard Baidoa city effectively.

Following the inspection, the Ministry of Security issued directives aimed at ensuring the city’s security. The directives include:

  1. Restricting vehicular movement in and out of the city from 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM.
  2. Prohibiting the operation of motor vehicles, specifically Bajaj, within the city from 7:00 PM to 6:00 AM.
  3. Mandating the activation of security lights in front of every house.
  4. Banning the wearing of masks in the town, citing concerns about concealment.
  5. Prohibiting the use of arms by individuals other than security forces.

Mustaf Mo’alim Isak Garabey, the spokesperson of the State Security Ministry, provided insights into the inspection Thursday. He noted that they aimed to assess and optimize the security situation at the checkpoints while consulting with the police officers assigned to those areas.

“We went around the city’s entry points during the inspection, which involved several Ministers, including the Minister of Security, the Commissioner of Police, and the Commander of Traffic Police. This aimed at overusing the security situation of the checkpoints and consulting with the police officers attached to those areas,” said Mr. Garabeey, the State ministry’s spokesperson.

Garabey emphasized that discussions with security officers included mobilizing them to strengthen efforts to prevent any potential acts of terrorism.

He expressed concerns about the safety of residents, particularly in the aftermath of flooding that displaced many families stating that Al-Shabaab militants might have concealed themselves within the population.

“We have gone through severe floods which have displaced many families. Al-Shabaab might be among them. Now that they might have gotten the opportunity to enter into the population, they might take advantage of that and cause more harm to the civilians.”

He further explained that with ongoing road reconstruction after severe floods, there is a fear that explosive devices might be planted on the roads. In response to these concerns, the security agencies.

Mr. Garabey outlined the sanctions are intended to enhance security and mitigate potential threats to the community.

“As we are reconstructing the roads, there is concern that they may plant explosive devices. In response, the security agencies, led by the minister, have implemented these sanctions to ensure the security of the city and prevent any potential security threat,” he added.

This comes a day after Southwest State Security forces displayed four Al-Shabaab militants in Baidoa town in Bay region after surrendering to the army although it did not provide details more about the defectors, the time and area of defection.

But the city faces threat from Al-Shabaab militants who are not far from the city and poor infrastructure mainly the main road liking Baidoa to the capital Mogadishu which was heavily impacted by the recent rainy floods with the group’s control in some area. This also comes as the rainy season stopped from the Southwest State and the Federal Government of Somalia to launch the second phase of the offensive war on Al-Shabaab.

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