Jigjiga(Mogadishu24)-At least 15 people have died, and over 11,000 have been displaced from their homes after heavy rains were experienced in the major parts of Ethiopia’s Somali Region, according to the regional authorities.

The rains have caused floods which have caused loss of lives and properties destructions.

Deputy Minister of the Disaster and Risk Management Office in the Somali Regional Administration, Bashir Hussein, said that the effects were not limited to loss of lives but also include the destruction of property, including livestock and farms.

“We have now confirmed that the floods have killed 15 people, over 3,320 animals, destroyed farmland covering 8,300 hectares, and more than 11,000 families have been displaced,” said Bashir Hussein, Regional Deputy Minister for Disaster and Risk Management.

He added, “The rains are still falling in many parts of the region, and these floods are just the beginning. We cannot say that the loss and destruction will be limited to these numbers. The numbers are expected to increase as heavy rainfall continues in the region.”

Heavy rainfall has significantly affected Ethiopia and neighboring countries such as Somalia and Kenya.

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