Hargeysa(Mogadishu24)-Somaliland Police have announced that they have recorded 6,536 car accidents which killed 198 people and injured 4890 others in 2023.

During the commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Somaliland Police Force on Saturday, Brigadier General Ibrahim Abdi Hajji Mohamud, the Head of Somaliland Police Operations, elaborated on the cases reported to the Somaliland Police in 2023.

“The crime cases recorded by the Somaliland Police this year total 28,563, of which 5,812 couldn’t be clarified by the police. A total of 10,631 cases were resolved through out-of-court agreements, while 10,867 proceeded to court, leading to judgments. Currently, 853 cases are awaiting court decisions, and 400 cases are still under police investigation,” said Brigadier General Ibrahim Abdi Hajji.

He added, “The murder cases we have recorded amount to 66, resulting in the deaths of 66 individuals. We have made 57 arrests in connection with these murder cases, and efforts to apprehend 9 more criminals are ongoing.”

General Ibrahim Abdi Hajji also stated that there were 6,536 car accidents that occurred in Somaliland in 2023, leading to 198 fatalities and 4,890 injuries.

“There were 6,536 car accidents reported this year, causing 198 deaths and 4,890 injuries. In these accidents, 3,728 vehicles were involved, with property damage reported in 104 cases,” he added.

Somaliland, the northern region of Somalia colonized by the British, has been striving for recognition as an independent nation for the past 32 years.

The administration regards itself as an independent nation due to its long-standing peace and stability compared to other parts of Somalia.

It has established a more peaceful government and formed well-structured security agencies, including the police, which have maintained peace and achieved significantly reduced the crime rate within Somaliland, especially in the aftermath of the 1991 civil war.

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