A total of 1,535 students from high schools in Baledweyne are currently undertaking the certificate examination today. To accommodate these students, seven examination centers have been established in the suburbs of Baledweyne, with security arrangements organized by the forces of the Federal Government of Somalia.

In a statement, the Ministry of Heritage Education and Higher Education in Somalia expressed its expectation for the students’ cooperation with the supervisors, officials, and invigilators throughout the examination. The ministry emphasized the significance of adhering to the rules and regulations.

“We are informing the students of Baledweyne, whose examination was disrupted by the flooding of Shabelle River, that they will now take the examination on July 8, 2023,” stated the Ministry of Heritage Education and Higher Education in Somalia. “We hope for the students’ cooperation with the supervisors and officials, and urge them to strictly comply with the examination rules.”

On May 27, 2023, a staggering number of 337,000 students nationwide participated in the 2022/2023 national exams. However, students in the Hiiraan region, specifically in Beledweyne, were unable to sit for the exams due to the devastating floods caused by the Shabelle River. These floods resulted in the destruction of homes and academic institutions, leading to the displacement of thousands of families.

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