Ugandan troops under African Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS) launched an operation in the Baladul Almin area of Lower Shabelle on Saturday to counter the frequent attacks by Al-Shabaab militants. During the operation, the ATMIS troops were ambushed by the militants, leading to a fierce battle.

Lt Col Abdullahi Hassan Ganale, the spokesperson for the ATMIS operation, said that they successfully the forces repelled the organized attacks by Al-Shabaab. Two militants were killed in the operation, and the ATMIS forces seized two rifles and 130 rounds of ammunition.

However, Al-Shabaab has not issued any statement regarding the incident.

In recent times, Al-Shabaab has escalated its attacks on government forces and ATMIS in the Lower Shabelle region. However, their ambitions to regain control over military bases have been thwarted, except for their recapture of Daru-Nicma from the Somali National Army.

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