Djibouti(Mogadishu24)-The Ministry of Higher Education in Djibouti, in collaboration with the University of Djibouti, on Friday welcomed 17 students from Comoros who were awarded scholarships by the University of Djibouti.

These students are the first group from Comoros who benefitted from the University of Djibouti’s scholarships, with a specific focus on programs offered by the Colleges of Medicine and Engineering.

The Minister of Higher Education and Research, Dr. Nabil Mohamed Ahmed, assured the students of a supportive environment to help them achieve their educational aspirations.

He highlighted Djibouti’s commitment to providing educational opportunities, having previously granted scholarships to students from Somalia and Ethiopia.

Dr. Jama Mohamed Hassan, the Chairman of the University of Djibouti, noted the importance of this collaboration and the students’ enrolment in pursuing higher education.

He described it as a crucial cooperation agreement between the University of Djibouti and the University of Comoros, aimed at strengthening inter-governments educational ties.

The Chairman encouraged the students to dedicate themselves to their educational objectives, to serve their communities upon their return to Comoros.

The Consul General of Comoros in Djibouti expressed gratitude towards the Djiboutian government for providing these scholarships, underscoring the deep appreciation of Comoros for the educational opportunities offered to its students.

He expressed optimism that this program would further enhance educational cooperation between the two nations and hoped for more students to benefit from such initiatives in the future.

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