Jigjiga(Mogadishu24)-Ethiopia’s Somali Regional Administration has made considerable efforts over the years to enhance healthcare services, specially in remote areas, by improving medical facilities and hospitals.

The State’s Minister of Health, Dr. Musa Ahmad Ibrahim, stated that nine new hospitals have been constructed in the region and are currently operational.

He stated that there has been an expansion of local health centers and staff quarters, alongside the renovation and expansion of seven hospitals.

The government has increased the number of Blood Banks to address the shortage of blood supply in the region. These blood storage centers have been established in cities including Fiiq, Goday, Hargeele Wardheer, Biki, and Gashamo.

The government has put 136 ambulances into operation to address the emergency needs, ensuring patients are transported to medical facilities at the right time.

The state’s Ministry of Health has equipped both the existing health centers and the newly constructed hospitals, an achievement made by the regional government, as reported by Moagadishu24.

The report also indicate that the government has taken important steps to bridge the gap between patients and healthcare professionals by employing 5080 health workers, specially doctors, surgeons, nurses, and various other healthcare providers.

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