Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-Spokesperson of the Somali Police Forces, Abdifitah Aden Hassan on Monday revealed that 20 TikTok influencers were arrested for inciting violence and hate between two tribes in Mogadishu after pursuant operations.

The Spokesperson told reporters in a press conference about the latest security developments in districts of Benadir region that the TikTokers will be submitted to courts, in order, to be face trial against their crime on inciting violence among peaceful communities.

“The TikTokers were inciting violence and they will be submitted to courts, the Police forces pursue operations aimed at taking actions against others who are involved in such bad behaviors inside the society”, he said, noting that the Police Command wrote official letters to Facebook and TikTok companies that Somalia will not accept any sensitive and bad conducts against our religion.

He underscored that the Federal Government of Somalia is fighting against all types of misconduct, violence and insecurity activities and expand operations throughout the Benadir region in coming days.

“Police Command established a section for the fight against the abuse of women and Children, we will not accept from women and girls to spread violent or other bad contents through the social media”, Hassan added.

Most of the Social Media influencers, who were arrested by the Somali Police forces, were women, and their actions seemed shameful inside a population with hindered percent Muslim.

The Chinese App, TikTok is among widely used and more profitable among other social media platforms by Somali users in and outside the country, it is used to convey short video messages for entertainment, business, and education purposes effectively and efficiently.

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