Mandera(Mogadishu24)-Mandera East Member of Parliament, Hussein Weytan, sponsored 25 joint weddings at a ceremony held in the Didow Conference in Mandera County on Tuesday.

The mass wedding brought together political leaders from across the country, religious scholars, youth, and the families of all the bridegrooms and brides. This program benefited 25 men and women facing financial challenges in funding their weddings.

Mandera East Member of Parliament, Hussein Weytan said that this is an honour for all the residents in the county, and will help prevent forbidden immorality.

He announced that his office would provide each family with 20,000 Kenyan shillings for the first month to cover accommodation and address their basic needs.

“These families will continue with their normal lives with the first-month upkeep of 20,000 shillings per family,” said Hon. Weytan.

The lawmaker called for joint efforts from non-governmental organizations and other well-wishers to enhance the livelihoods of these new families. He also promised to offer National Health Insurance Cover for all the families.

“I have also contacted well-wishers, NGOs like Racida, where my friend Mohamud has promised to register 25 of them for the cash transfers program. I have also promised and we are going to start the process of registering NHIF cover for the 25 families,” he added.

The initiative garnered support from Mandera County youth who commended the MP’s inclusive efforts in funding such a marriage program.

“This is a great program initiated by the Member of Parliament for Mandera East. The initiative has funded 25 weddings for people who were in desperate need of financial support for their weddings,” said Ibrahim Hassan, one of Mandera East Youth.

He added, “The MP has also put more effort into lobbying for the employment of the new couples and searching for other opportunities that would help them meet their family needs.”

The mass wedding program was part of Hon. Hussein Weytan’s campaign pledges during the 2022 elections, targeting 25 new marriages every year.

The process involved applications, vetting, and approval procedures, and 25 successful applications benefited from the program.

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