Djibouti(Mogadishu24)-Somali Minister of Women and Human Rights Affairs, Khadija Mohamed Diriye, passed away on Wednesday in Djibouti after a brief illness. She was 74.

The minister was part of Prime Minister Hamza Bare’s delegation from Somalia, attending the three-day annual heritage forum in Djibouti.

Government officials stated that she fell ill today and was admitted to the hospital, where she underwent surgery but did not wake up from the coma.

Throughout her political career, Hon. Khadija served Somalia at various levels with dedication and commitment. She was among the Somali intellectuals at the Arta conference in 2000, where Somalia adopted federalism as a solution to the prolonged civil war.

The six-time member of parliament was first elected in the sixth Parliament of the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) of Somalia in 2000. She held political offices since then and was a current serving member of the 11th parliament of the House of People of the Federal Government of Somalia.

Over her 23 years in service, she worked under four different presidents of Somalia and served as a minister under all of them.

Hon. Khadija was a dedicated advocate for peace, women’s rights, and human rights, a commitment that gave her role as the Minister of Women and Human Rights Affairs throughout her ministerial positions.

She also served as the Chairperson of the Committee on Scientific Research, Technology, Posts, and Telecommunications in 2012, as well as the Chairperson of the Committee on Human Rights, Gender, and Humanitarian Affairs.

Currently, she held the position of Minister of Women and Human Rights Affairs, a role she had been appointed to by President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud in 2022.

Somalia’s top Government officials and former leaders expressed their sorrow to the death of Khadijo Mohamed Diriye while the social media mainly Facebook and twitter covered the condolence messages to the deceased. May her soul rest in Peace.

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