Dhusamareb(Mogadishu24)-At least 30 Al-Shabaab fighters were on Saturday evening killed by the Somali National Army following operations in Sargo and Qodqod areas in Mudug region.

In a statement, the Federal Ministry of Information confirmed the operation and reported that the army had killed at least 30 militants and destroyed four vehicles owned by the terrorists organisation.

The Statement added that the Somali National Army have liberated the areas from the Al-Shabaab fighters and seized weapons from the militants group.

“The Somali National Army conducted operations in Sargo and Qodqod areas in Mudug region, killing more than 30 Al-Shabaab militants and the destroying of four vehicles belonging to the militant group,” the statement read.

In a separate operation, the Somali National Army together with the local community forces have thwarted Alshabaab’s attack in the outskirts Qodqod area near Camara district.

These operations come two days after the Al-Shabaab militants have launched deadly attacks on the Somali National Army and the local forces ‘Macawisley’ in El-Lahelay and Run Nirgod.

The terrorists organisation has claimed to have killed dozens of the Somali soldiers and the local forces.

Last month, the terrorist group launched a deadly assault on SNA forces at the Cowsweyne bases in the Galgudud region.

The attack on the army led to criticism and public anger, with calls for the President to take action against the Minister of Defense and Army chiefs, who were accused of being responsible for the military failure.

Since then, leaders from the federal government and state administrations have actively mobilized and inspired the National Army and local community forces to counter the threats posed by the terrorist group.

The Somali National Army and local community forces have been vigilant to prevent any potential resurgence by Al-Shabaab and have effectively countered any attacks by the militant group.

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