Dhusamareb(Mogadishu24)-About 50 people mostly warring clan militias died and more than 60 others were injured after heavy fighting between two clans at an area between Herale and Abdudwak districts north of Galgudud region under Galmudug State in Somalia.

Local authorities said that the victims of the ongoing confrontation were taken to hospitals into three cities in the region, Abdudwak, Herale and Adado, saying the Special Police forces from the State were going to intervene the situation were among those killed diurnal the fight yesterday.

The conflict between Marehan and Fuqa Muhamed, Dir sub-clan is based on grazing land and it is one of the oldest hostile conflicts in the region according to the residents and local community members.

Galmudug State President, Ahmed Abdi Kariye set up a committee to the situation, in order, they might bring lasting peace between the warring parts there.

Somalia’s Ministry of Interior, Federal Affairs and Reconciliation called for the warring sides to cease the fire and come to the table.

The battle came hours after Al-Shabaab carried out deadly ambush attack on SNA base in Ceel-Dheer town in the same region yesterday.

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