Baidoa(Mogadishu24)-The President of Southwest State, Abdiaziz Mohamed Hassan, commonly known as Lafta-gareen, is reportedly gearing up for presidential and parliamentary elections in the region, with plans to secure his position for another term. Sources from Mogadishu24 indicate that Lafta-gareen has already made preparations for the regional members of parliament who will replace the current incumbents, despite facing significant opposition and challenges from major clans vying for the presidency.

An official from the Southwest State presidency revealed that the President is determined to hold the elections either in late June or early July this year, emphasizing his commitment to maintaining power. “The Southwest State President will hold the election by hook or by crook, and President Lafta-gareen will serve as president in the region again. The plan is in place and complete,” the official told Mogadishu24.

In his latest efforts to solidify his position and push forward with his electoral agenda, President Lafta-gareen has been actively engaged in various regional activities. Yesterday in Baidoa, he met with the Deputy Commander of the ATMIS Sector 3, Col. Seboka Bekele, to discuss regional security. This meeting highlights the collaboration between ATMIS ENDF troops, Somali Security Forces, and the Darawish in combating terrorism and enhancing peace in the region.

Additionally, President Lafta-gareen inspected the ongoing construction works at Shaati Gaduud International Airport and received a security briefing at the Joint Operations Centre. He praised the joint efforts of the security forces in maintaining stability and combating threats to regional peace.

Despite his efforts to push forward with the elections, Lafta-gareen’s bid for another term faces significant opposition from other clans and political factions within Southwest State. Critics argue that his actions to replace the current members of parliament and secure his presidency lack transparency and fairness, raising concerns about the legitimacy of the upcoming elections.

As the election date approaches, the political landscape in Southwest State remains tense, with many watching closely to see how Lafta-gareen’s plans unfold and what impact they will have on the region’s governance and stability.

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