Las’ano(Mogadishu24)-At least seven people were killed and several others injured on Sunday morning after Somaliland Military launched mortar shell attacks on Las Anod town.

The mortar shells struck the eastern side of the city, and the forces on both sides remain in a confrontational stance.

Local residents who spoke to the media shed lights on the impacts of the mortar attacks in the eastern part of Las’Anod.

Among the victims were seven individuals, including a traditional elder, who died in the indiscriminate mortar shell attacks targeting civilian areas in LasAnod city by the Somaliland military.

However, the SSC-Khatumo forces, community leaders, and the Somaliland Administration have not commented on the attack.

The two warring armed forces have reinforced their troops at the frontlines of the Gojade base, where sporadic gunfire has been heard since the morning.

Las’Anod town has remained relatively stable in recent weeks. However, both sides have engaged in strong threats through media channels.

The conflicts in Las Anod has led to an estimated death toll of at least 300 people, along with the displacement of 154,000 to 203,000 civilians from their homes. This situation has garnered international outrage and repeated calls for an immediate resolution.

The renewed conflicts and civil unrest in Somaliland have originated from the prolonged election delays and the extension of President Bihi’s term.

In the mountainous areas of Ga’an-Libah, an anti-government forces has emerged, claiming to fight for the rights of the Somaliland people and voicing opposition to decisions made by the senators and the electoral commission that extended President Muse Bihi Abdi’s term.

On Friday, At least 9 soldiers were killed in a clash between the Police forces of the breakaway republic of Somaliland and armed Guerrilla in the Ga’an-Libah mountainous area, near Hargeisa city. This incident has been confirmed by Minister of Internal Affairs Mohamed Ahmed Kahin and Police Commander Mohamed Aden Saqidhi.

President Muse Bihi of the Breakaway Republic of Somaliland has rejected calls for peaceful dialogue from opposition candidates and community leaders.

“We witnessed the consequences when new parties were registered from the Las Anod region. The militias initiated attacks, which continue till today. Similarly, the recent emergence of conflicts in the Ga’an-Libah area coincides with the release of the election schedule by the electoral commission. We need to know if these incidents are planned or coincidental,” President Bihi stated.

He issued a strong warning to the armed groups, stating that resolute measures will be taken against them. He declared that the government will exercise its authority to eradicate the growing presence of armed factions, particularly in the Ga’an-Libah mountainous area.

“In these conflicts, there are various actors—those who strategize and orchestrate, and those who carry out the actions. Either way, we must deal with these individuals resolutely and either subject them to Islamic law punishment or hold them accountable through legal means. We will as well use our forces to deal with them. They must face the consequences,” he added.

Since February 2023, despite calls from the UN Human Rights Committee and the International Community for peaceful dialogue and investigations into indiscriminate attacks in Las’anod town, these calls have gone unanswered. The Somaliland Administration has resorted for an armed approach and declared war against the armed groups.

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