Djibouti(Mogadsihu24)-The Republic of Djibouti has launched a proper housing project aimed at benefiting about 500,000 families residing in Djibouti city and nearby areas.

This initiative, which focuses on affordable housing solutions, is expected to completed within the designated government-assigned areas. The program is intended to provide essential support to families facing economic challenges due to the high cost of living.

Djibouti’s President, Ismail Omar Guelleh, inaugurated 440 social housing buildings in Balbala, Djibouti, on Thursday. During the event, President Guelleh emphasized the importance of this milestone stating that it will guarantee access to land ownership for all the families.

“Today, we inaugurated 440 social housing units in Balbala, a major step in our mission to guarantee access to land ownership for all. These efforts reflect our determination to meet the critical needs of our growing people”, Djibouti President, Guelleh said.

“With the realization of this important lot of houses, our country increases its provisions in a vital sector because housing is a prerequisite for any life project,” emphasized the Head of State.

“We are all the more inclined to continue the efforts made on habitats as our population is subjected to a natural process of increase,” he added.

Among 440, social housing inaugurated today are built in PK 13, locality located in Balbala, a suburb of Djibouti city.

They all consist of F3 and F4 apartments, divided into 55 buildings with 4 floors each (R+3).

Combining all the comfort criteria, these new homes are all the more appealing as they incorporate practical utility spaces, including a market as well as other infrastructure dedicated to leisure, sports and relaxation.

They constitute the first lot made available out of a total of 1000 social housing that the Head of State had started their realization in December 2018.

The apartments inaugurated today are built near a city of 540 social housing that have already been allocated to Djibouti households.

They are called on to form a full-term training, with the construction site under construction of 840 houses, still in the town of PK13, an iconic pulse of the frenzy that increasingly characterizes our country in terms of habitats.

Furthermore, President Guelleh reiterated the government’s commitment to improving the overall well-being of Djibouti’s citizens by providing crucial services such as healthcare, education, clean water, and proper housing.

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