Nairobi(Mogadishu24)-The first ministerial conference of the Africa Climate Summit, aimed at discussing vulnerability to climate change in Africa and globally, has on Monday opened in Kenya.

The three-day conference, set to continue until September 6th, was attended by African leaders, officials from international organizations, and the US President’s special envoy for climate issues, John Kerry.

During this summit, leaders will discuss the achievements from previous commitments, the challenges posed by climate change, and efforts to combat climate change in Africa.

The African Union and international partners are collaborating on the implementation of this plan to mitigate the effects of climate change. A platform is being created to facilitate the exchange of ideas between African countries and the international community.

Speaking at the opening of the conference, Kenyan President William Samoi Ruto stated that Africa can address climate change by increasing greening efforts and investments in countries facing its threats.

“We are here to envision a continent that links markets and connects resources with demand, unlocking massive economies of scale. A continent that offers an economic backbone for a decarbonised world. A continent that thrives and shapes a climate-proof future for all,” said President Ruto during his opening remarks.

“Africa can power all energy needs with renewable resources. The continent has enough potential to be entirely self-sufficient with the mix of wind, solar, geothermal, sustainable biomass and hydropower,” he added.

This summit comes two days after the Kenyan government launched electric motorbikes to enhance Kenya’s climate change efforts by adopting low-carbon and efficient transportation systems.

Kenya, the host of the summit, is considered one of the African countries making progress in preventing climate change, alongside South Africa and Morocco.

This year, Kenya has allocated approximately $12 million for meteorological services and is actively working to improve its environment and protect wildlife.

Last year, the government of Somalia launched a national plan for a green Somalia initiative, aiming to plant 10 million trees to reforest the country and combat climate changes.

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