Djibouti(Mogadishu24)- The 2023-2024 school year has officially commenced in all regions of Djibouti, with over 162,000 students returning to primary schools, as confirmed by the Ministry of Education in the country.

Administrators, teachers, and other educational staff warmly welcomed the students, with hopes that this year would be one where they can enhance their knowledge.

During this year, the Ministry of Education in Djibouti has inaugurated 12 new schools in different cities across the country, alongside conducting repairs and upgrades in existing schools.

The Ministry has enhanced the educational support for students with special needs, collaborating with Cuban experts who specialize in teaching children with special requirements.

The Ministry of Education in Djibouti has dedicated considerable effort to enhance the education system this year, offering training sessions for administrators and various teachers in schools.

The Djibouti government, committed to expanding educational access, has providing students living in remote areas with school uniforms and educational materials to help them study effectively.

Officials from the Ministry of Education paid visits to several primary schools in Djibouti to oversee the commencement of the academic year, urging students to study diligently and avoid any disruptions to their education.

Abdi Dirir, the Director of Basic Education, called upon teachers and parents to collaborate in nurturing a generation that excels in education and contributes to the future of their people and their nation.

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