Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-Al-Shabaab militants about killed 7 passengers and at least two others are still missing after attacking a mini-bus near Balcad district in Middle Shabelle region on Friday.

Regional authorities and residents confirmed that the victims were all civilians on board, and the bus left from Jowhar carrying Khat to Balcad tow in the same region.

Reports say the missing members were kidnapped and taken to the bush by the Al-Shabaab militants after the attack and it is known about their destiny, despite Somali National Army’s efforts to pursue the case and release prisoners from the militants.

The group did not comment on the latest incident in the region so far, but the road linking between these two cities seems to be very dangerous as Al-Shabaab fighters carried out number of deadly attacks on both civilian buses and SNA vehicles using it. Ministers and members of Hirshabelle State heading to Mogadishu from Jowhar were killed in this 90 kilometers distance road in the past three years’ period.

Hirshabelle State did not also comment on the attack and safety of the road between Balcad and Jowhar town in Middle Shabelle.

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