Jowhar(Mogadishu24)-Al-Shabaab militants on Friday recaptured Daru-Nimca, a key location near Aden Yabal district in middle Shabelle region after fighting between the Somali National Army and the group fighters.

SNA officials did not comment on the attack on its SNA base and the fall of the area into the group fighters who are reportedly carried out the attack early in the morning and if there were casualties on warring sides so far.

But Al-Shabaab militants said in a statement their fighters overran SNA base at Daru-Nimca and chased soldiers towards Al-kowther near Aden Yabal town in middle Shabelle at the border with Hiiraan region in south-central Somalia.

But Instead Somalia’s News Agency reported that special Police Force Unit(Haramcad) conducted an operation against Al-Shabaab hideouts in lower Shabelle regions with no casualties identified.

However, the recapture of Dara-Nimca comes two days after troops from Burundi under African Union Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS) handed over three forward operation bases into Somali National Army.

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