Several towns in Ethiopia’s Somali region were taken by surprise as they witnessed an extraordinary occurrence of snowfall and strong winds yesterday. The affected towns, situated between the cities of Jigjiga and Wajale, experienced an unprecedented snowstorm that left residents bewildered and concerned.

Sahane Yusuf Barkhadle, the Chairman of Magaalo Qaran village, expressed his disbelief at the unprecedented weather conditions. “I have been in the Qabalah administration for 15 years, and I was there 30 years ago. I have never seen it, and people in their 70s and 80s have not told me about such winds. The weather has been very cold in recent days, and people and animals have been burned,” he said.

The sudden drop in temperatures over the past few days has added to the distress of both humans and animals in the region, exacerbating the impact of the unexpected snowfall.

Mr. Sahane further disclosed that the storm and accompanying snowfall wreaked havoc along a 10-kilometers stretch between the Gobyarrey and Haroreys areas. The heavy snowfall blanketed roads and caused significant damage to vital infrastructure, including a facility for examining people and traffic, as well as numerous houses.

This unanticipated weather phenomenon has left residents in the Jigjiga-Wajale area deeply concerned, as they fear the possibility of such extreme conditions recurring in the future. The unexpected snowfall and powerful winds have disrupted the normal rhythm of life in these communities.

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