Kismayo(Mogadishu24)-The Jubaland State Security and Intelligence Agency (JISA) has arrested two Al-Shabaab suspects who were involved in the theft of a TOYOTA Hardtop vehicle and an AK47 rifle that belonged to the Jubaland Ministry of Water and Energy.

In an statement released on Wednesday, the State’s Intelligence Agency confirmed that Abdifatah Noor Abdullahi and Hassan Abdullahi Mohamed had stolen the vehicle and the firearm in January 2023.

“Jubaland State Security and Intelligence Agency has apprehended Abdifatah Noor Abdullahi and Hassan Abdullahi Mohamed, who stole a TOYOTA Hardtop car and an AK47 gun belonging to the Jubaland Ministry of Water and Energy in January of this year. They then traveled to Jilib to attempt to sell the government’s property to Al-Shabaab militants,” the statement read.

The Agency further revealed that the two individuals were in communication with members of the Al-Shabaab terrorist group, who provided guidance during their journey to Jilib.

Despite being promised $20,000, they were deceived upon arrival in Jilib, as the promise turned out to be nothing more than a lie. They explained that they were manipulated by the terrorist group during a phone call and were pledged $20,000, along with a guarantee of safe passage to their hideouts, but all of it proved to be a mere deception.

The two are now being interrogated by the Jubaland State Security and Intelligence Agency, and will face legal actions against their involvement in terrorism.

In the midst of an escalated battle against the Al-Shabaab terrorist organization, the Somali government, both at the Federal and State levels, has intensified efforts to strengthen intelligence agencies to combat those who provide financial or ideological support to Al-Shabaab, as well as their sympathizers.

Last week, the Somali National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA), in cooperation with Kenyan authorities and detectives, have arrested Sufyan Sheikh Ahmed, who was accused of being an Al-Shabaab sympathizer.

The Intelligence Agency announced his arrest in Nairobi, stating that he is linked to propagation of extremist ideologies that pose a threat to peace and stability in Somalia and the region.

Sufyan Sheikh Ahmed, known as ‘Taakeeye,’ is active on social media and frequently conducts interviews with various private media outlets, discussing topics that have sparked extensive debates.

NISA also announced the arrest of Zakaria Kamal Sufi, who is alleged to have facilitated transportation weapons to Al-Shabaab from abroad. Zakaria was taken into custody by Kenyan detectives in Mombasa, where he was ordered to report to the police station daily.

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