Mahaday(Mogadishu24)-Heavy fighting between the Somali National Army with the support of local forces known as Macawisley and International Partners and Al-Shabaab fighters intensified, despite claims of military gains and casualties of the two sides at Ali-fooldhere area northeast of Mahaday district in middle Shabelle region.

The District Commissioner of Mahaday, Salah Ahmed Abukar told reporters that the fighting is still going on at main-strong-holds and defensive positions of Al-Shabaab fighters in the area, saying the SNA and Macawisley surrounded them.

“It is not easy, this is battle, we are trying to gain control all areas under the group while reducing the civilians casualties. These are enemies, we are making progress daily and there are no casualties in our side so far. 95 percent of the battle field is under our control”, Mahaday DC said.

Al-Shabaab admitted that fierce fighting between the two sides today and in the past six weeks. It also claimed that its fighters killed at least two soldiers and others injured during today’s confrontation.

The claims come as the joint forces and Al-Shabaab fighters’ battle took more 40 days in these areas alone continuously. It is not known if there will be a side to quit from the area. 

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