Hargeysa(Mogadishu24)-An anti-government rebel group known as ‘Dulmi-Diid’ has initiated a new armed war front in the Sahil region of northern Somaliland, increasing tensions in the Breakaway Republic of Somaliland, particularly in Las’Anod. The rebels, who refer to themselves as freedom fighters, are claiming to voice the opposition to the prolonged delays in elections and the extension of President Musa Bihi’s term.

Efforts to disarm them through military force or negotiations have been unsuccessful, prompting the rebels to arrest leaders, peacekeepers, and traditional elders who attempted to call for peace.

After their release from captivity in the mountains of Gar-Libaah, military officials have asserted that the government will utilize its full force to eradicate this rebel group. These officials, who chose to remain anonymous for security reasons, accused certain members of Parliament of being involved in orchestrating their arrests.

“We reached Adadle district, which was relatively safe at the time with no apparent tensions. During our stay in Adadle, some members of Parliament from the Wadani Party visited us and advised against engaging in talks with the armed group. Despite their warning, we insisted on pursuing negotiations. However, the forces we were waiting to engage in peaceful dialogue unexpectedly attacked us,” he recounted.

“We were then taken to the rebels’ cell at the Mountain area. After a few hours, the same members of parliament who had cautioned us earlier arrived. They claimed to have successfully negotiated with the leaders of the rebels group for our release from captivity. The parliamentarians instructed us not to request the return of any confiscated items, including our pistols. It appears that these parliamentarians are the ones managing and financing the rebel group,” he added.

However, the Somaliland Opposition political parties have raised serious accusations against the government, pointing out that the massive increase in rebel groups within the country is attributed to President Musa Bihi’s prolonged tenure in power.

The Wadani party strongly opposed the elections schedule released by the elections commission two weeks ago, contending that it favours Musa Bihi, given his prolonged stay in office.

Khadar Hussein Abdi, the Secretary General of WADDANI Party, expressed concerns about ongoing conflicts, particularly in Las Anod, and the challenging economic situation.

He further accused the government of delays in elections and committing extrajudicial killings, leading to escalation of conflicts to armed clan clashes.

“The government has been breaking the law, committing extrajudicial killings, and delaying elections for so long until the clashes arise. The government of Musa Bihi does not want elections to happen. These delays have caused wars and the formation of rebels and clan militias,” he stated.

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