Jigjiga(Mogadishu24)The President of Ethiopia’s Somali State, Mustafe Muhumed Omar, concluded the personal assessment of the senior leadership of the Prosperity Party on Saturday. The three-days activity took place at the Garad Mohamed Dool conference hall within the presidential palace.

The leaders were evaluated based on various factors, including the vision, mission, party safety, social services, ability to create development channels, and many other important factors.

After the assessment, President Mustafe Muhumed Omar highlighted the achievements of the party since the change of its leadership, emphasizing justice, freedom of political media, social development, and the dealing with individuals aiming to tarnish the party’s imagine by providing false information for the media.

The president also stated that reforms will be implemented in the civil service to improve service delivery. The leadership of the Prosperity Party Office presented a plan to speed up political and media activities, urging the leadership to work tirelessly and overcome the shortcomings.

About two weeks earlier, Somalia’s regional State in Ethiopia launched mass greening campaign initiatives which aimed at planting five million trees as part of combatting challenges related to climate change

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