Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-Burundian troops under The African Union Transition Mission in Somalia and the Somali National Army jointly conducted military operation against Al-Shabaab near Hilweyne camp in Middle Shabelle region, ATMIS said Thursday.

“On Tuesday, #ATMIS #BNDF troops stationed at Balcaad FOB, Middle Shabelle, led by Lt. Col. Bimenyimana Richard, conducted a joint patrol with Somali National Army near Hilweyne camp.Following a request from Col. Ali Hussein, commander Hilweyne camp, the troops assesed #security around the camp & along the Jowhar-Mogadishu main supply route”, ATMIS said on X post.

Both commanders agreed to enhance ATMIS-SSF collaboration to prevent terror attacks in the area, but Al-Shabaab militants did not comment on the operation near the SNA base, Hilweyne which is about 20 kilometres north of the capital Mogadishu.

The group intensified its attacks against SNA and ATMIS bases during the holy month of Ramadan while the road linking the capital to Jowhar in Middle Shabelle is considering to be deadliest one as the group fighters carry out an ambush attacks along that way.

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