Beledweyne(Mogadishu24)-Beledweyne Hospital has been submerged in water following the overflow of the Shabelle River in the city, affecting the hospital’s operations and the provision of healthcare services.

Since October, heavy rains have caused riverine flooding, killing 50 people, 10 of whom were from Beledweyne town. According to the Somali Disaster Management Agency (SoDMA), the floods have also affected over 1.7 million people, displacing more than 600,000.

In Beledweyne, vital services including education and health have been disrupted, temporarily making hospitals, crucial community services, dysfunctional.

Healthcare professionals, including nurses, doctors, and community health workers, are facing huge challenges in delivering medical services such as emergency care, surgery, and maternity services.

“The floods have severely affected the hospital; the emergency department has been affected, beds have been submerged, and the laboratory department is underwater, rendering testing machines inoperable. All hospital equipment has been affected,” said Galad Ahmed Khalif, a hospital staff member.

He added, “This has halted hospital operations, directly impacting the residents. We cannot admit patients to the hospitals, and it will be difficult for them to access services in Ceel-Jaalle.”

Mr. Galad highlighted that the hospital staff are in critical situations, and the situation may worsen at any time.

“The MCH department, the theaters, the nutrition department have all been submerged. Our hospital staff are in a critical situation and in dire need of assistance. The situation may worsen if the river overflow increases and heavy rains are experienced. The situation remains critical, requiring a concerted response from both national and international relief agencies,” he added.

Local authorities, the federal government, international organizations, and relief agencies are mobilizing resources to address the immediate actions needed to respond to the situation.

Last month, Haji Osman Dhagahow resigned from his position as the chairman of the Beledweyne flood management committee.

Beledweyne has been grappling with climate change and severe flooding from the Shabelle River, disrupting the learning process in the town.

On May 20th, national examinations were postponed due to the flooding, with students taking exams two months later than scheduled.

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