A massive fire broke out on Friday night at Hamar-Weyne’s largest market in Mogadishu, causing damages and the loss of properties worth millions.

The fire started in the early hours of the night and continued for hours, destroying major parts of the Market, although no casualties have been reported.

Business owners, facing huge losses, expressed deep concern over the horrific incident and the extensive damages.

Mohamed, a recent high school graduate who initiated a business with start-up capital from Salaam Bank, shared how his shop was destroyed by the fire while watching helplessly.

“I started this business with a start-up loan from Salaam Bank, hoping it would contribute to meeting my family’s basic needs. However, with Allah’s grace, it has now been consumed by fire. I witnessed my shop being completely destroyed, feeling helpless and unable to intervene,” said Mohamed.

Mr. Bukhari, the owner of Carwa Xul Style, said he encountered an estimating the damage of approximately $40,000 in the fire.

“Most people know Xul Style; we used to sell various types of women’s clothes. Not a single item was spared in the store; the loss is close to $40,000,” Mr. Bukhari said.

After collaborative effort by Benadir regional administration and Hormuud Telecommunications company, the fire was successfully extinguished.

Businesspeople said that the fire’s cause was likely an electric shock from one of the shops.

However, some residents stated that the market lacked accessible roads or entry points, causing difficulties for fire extinguishers to access the market.

Mayor of Mogadishu, Yussuf Hussein Jimaale (Madaale), said that the government would hold electricity companies accountable for the losses resulting from the devastating fire.

“After tireless efforts, we managed to extinguish the fire. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the security agencies who tirelessly participated, and we also appreciate Hormoud for promptly dispatching firefighters,” stated the Mayor of Mogadishu.

He added, “The power companies will be held accountable for the recurring fires that caused losses, and it is imperative for them to fulfil their responsibilities.”

He stated that the regional government would appoint a special committee to assess the extent of the losses suffered by Hamarweyne businessmen.

“We deeply regret the loss suffered by the business people and we will establish a committee to investigate the situation further,” he said.

Frequent nighttime fires have become a growing concern in markets located in Somali-dominant areas, with the causes remaining unknown.

Last month, a massive fire erupted at the Jiiddada Market near Hotel Wehliye in Mogadishu’s Howlwadaag district, completely destroying all shops and markets centres and causing loss of properties

This year alone, Jigjiga’s Taiwan Market, Wajale’s clothes market, Fadhi-same electronic industry in Bossaso, Dervish Market in Beledweyne, and residential areas have been reduced to ashes due to devastating nighttime fires.

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