Banedir Regional Court delivered judgment on a corruption case involving 11 officials from the Ministries of Finance, Labour, Immigration Agency, and the Central Bank on Thursday.

The Office of the Attorney General accused these officials, along with others who fled the country, of stealing public money, falsification of government documents, abuse of public office, and bribery.

The court announced that 6 out of the 11 people were found guilty of various offenses, while 5 people were acquitted and granted their freedom.

Abdullahi Mohamed Osoble, Departmental Director at the Immigration Agency, and his deputy Omar Maalim Noor Ali will each serve a one-year imprisonment.

The court sentenced Sabir Hassan Abdinoor, the head of the Visa Extension Department at the Immigration Agency, to three years in prison.

Abubakar Mohamed Ali, Tax Manager for the Ministry of Finance attached to the airport, and Mohamed Aden Abdullahi, the Central Bank Manager at the airport, will each serve an 8-year jail term, while Abdirahman Abdikarim, Head section at the Ministry of Labour, will serve a 9-year sentence.

The court also acquitted and released Adan Mohamed Abdi, Abdiwahid Muhsin Ibrahim, Abdullahi Mohamed Ali, Mohamed Adde Mukhtar, and Abdikadir Abdi Socdal, all of whom held positions at different ministries and agencies after their innocence was proven.

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