Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-The Benadir Regional Police Chief, Mahdi Omar Mu’min, has refuted claims that the police have issued a ban on head coverings (turbans), religious caps, face masks, and veils within Mogadishu.

In a statement shared on his Facebook page, he dismissed reports suggesting a ban on religious symbols and social customs.

He clarified that there is no official order from security agencies to prohibit the wearing of such clothes, stating that the reports on social media are propaganda spread by enemies.

“There is no security decision to ban or take any action against the religious symbols of the Somali community. The reports suggesting otherwise are propaganda spread by the enemy, so you should not be deceived by it. The security forces are committed to protecting religious freedoms,” Mahdi said.

He urged the people of Mogadishu to report any instances of abuse related to the alleged order that security agencies have not issued.

This statement comes hours after security officers were seen taking measures against individuals wearing turbans, hats, and veils on some streets of Mogadishu.

Videos and photos of the security officers’ encounters with the public were broadcasted by several media outlets in Mogadishu, expressing concerns about the measures.

One elder in Mogadishu, commenting on the issue, welcomed an investigation but adamantly refused to remove his turban, emphasizing its importance as a symbol of honour and value.

“The reason I reject this decision is that an old man’s turban is sacred; it is his honour and value. Without a turban, an old man doesn’t look responsible,” said one of the elders in Mogadishu.

Despite the widespread discussion of this issue in the past hours, the Benadir Police Chief’s denial stands firm.

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