Garowe(Mogadishu24)-The General Command of Puntland Traffic Police reported on Monday that 54 people have died, and 800 people have been injured in traffic accidents in areas under Puntland State Administration in 2023.

The Commissioner of Traffic Police, Major General Fatah Said Suleiman (Afrikaan), stated that the number of recorded accidents was 17,011, involving more than 800 vehicles, 500 of which were motorcycles (Bajaj).

The Traffic Commissioner mentioned that compared to last year, the number of deaths in accidents has decreased. Last year, 78 people died in traffic accidents, while this year, 54 people have lost their lives.

He attributed the reduction in accidents to increased awareness, additional traffic forces, and road repairs.

General Afrikaan noted that the latest incident occurred yesterday in the Bari region, where three people died.

He expressed concern that accidents remain a major cause of death and property destruction, attributing them to the irresponsibility of drivers.

The Commissioner stated that the police have put in place strict road safety measures and regulations to curb the increasing road accidents.

Puntland State Police report comes a week after one of Presidential Candidates, Abdirisak Af-gudud together with three others aboard died in accident near Qardho town and a time, region is prepared to host large delegation due to region’s election next month.

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