Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-Water-related disasters forced nearly eight million displacements in ten of the world’s hardest-hit countries last year, with Somalia experiencing a staggering rise in both displacement and hunger. According to Oxfam’s report released on World Refugee Day, climate-driven events in Somalia have increased from two in 2013 to 223 in 2023, causing massive human and economic losses.

In Somalia alone, continuous temperature rises have led to frequent and prolonged droughts, followed by devastating floods and cyclones. The report highlights that despite contributing less than 0.03% to global carbon emissions, Somalia faces billions of dollars in damage due to these recurring disasters. The number of people suffering from acute hunger in the country has nearly tripled over the past decade, soaring from 14 million in 2013 to over 55 million in 2023.

“Climate injustice is rife. The most vulnerable people, who are least responsible for the climate crisis, are bearing the brunt,” said Nuzhat Nueary, Oxfam’s Water Insecurity and Climate Policy Coordinator.

The Deyr rainy season, which followed five consecutive droughts, brought massive flooding, forcing 1.2 million people to flee their homes and resulting in 118 deaths. These disasters compound ongoing conflicts, political instability, and economic shocks, leaving nearly half of Somalia’s population in urgent need of humanitarian assistance.

“I lost all my animals to the drought. I fled on foot with my children, and it took me three days to get to Baidoa,” said Hassan Mohamed, a displaced father in Baidoa, Somalia.

Oxfam’s report calls for urgent action from wealthy nations to cut emissions and provide adequate climate finance to help the most impacted countries, like Somalia, cope with and rebuild after climate shocks. The organization stresses the need for increased funding to develop early warning systems and social protection measures to enable vulnerable communities to better prepare for and mitigate the effects of climate change.

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