Nairobi(Mogadishu24)-Kenyan security forces briefly detained two members of the Somali Federal Parliament on Wednesday evening in Nairobi. The parliamentarians, Hassan Abdinur and Ahmed Abdi (Koshin), were questioned about their stay in the city and whether they were organizing meetings there.

Hassan Abdinur reported that he, along with Koshin, was detained while traveling in a vehicle and faced improper questioning from individuals identifying as Kenyan security personnel.

“We were three members of Somalia’s lower House of Parliament, but two of us in the same vehicle were arrested by forces claiming to be Kenyan security forces and asked improper questions,” Abdinur told a local TV station in Mogadishu. “We showed our documents and they released us later. We don’t know the reason, but we have shared this with the Somali embassy here and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”

Abdinur emphasized the importance of resolving any issues diplomatically and mentioned that if there were problems, they should be discussed at the parliamentary session in Mogadishu. He also reiterated that Somalia considers Kenya a neighbor and seeks peaceful relations.

The incident comes amid tensions, with recent arrests of Somali government opposition figures both in Somalia and among the Somali-Kenyan community. Neither Somali nor Kenyan government officials have commented on the arrests of the Somali MPs at this time.

The Somali embassy in Nairobi and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have been informed of the incident, which has raised concerns about the treatment of Somali officials in Kenya. The brief detention highlights the complexities of regional politics and the need for continued dialogue to address bilateral issues.

Ali Said Fiqi, Federal Member of the Somali Parliament believes that the incident was directly connected to their opposition to the Prime Minister of Somalia.

“The two politicians have been vocal in their criticism of the government’s lack of performance and the alleged mismanagement of government resources. The officers reportedly subjected them to intense questioning and intimidation tactics, with the aim of discouraging their political activities and silencing their voices. Although they are released now, however, this behavior should be condemned”, Fiqi said.

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